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Skin Care Palm Springs offers a full line of spa quality potent and effective skin, body, bath and hair care formulations that are gently hand made in small batches by our professional experienced master cosmetic chefs. Our products are 100% vegan, paraben free, and never tested on animals. We’re the founders and owners of Palm Springs Spa Massage (website link and social links Instagram / Facebook. We Are The Original, Family Owned & Trusted Since 1999. We know high quality skin care! We’re thankful that after 20+ years and serving over 30,000 massage therapy and skin care clients in Palm Springs and beyond to now finally offer our secret most popular skin care products to you!! Browse and enjoy.

Nature’s Botanical Nourishments! Choose from our high end, spa quality beauty line which includes moisturizing creams, revitalizing serums, lash and lip products, hemp-infused formulas, and facial cleansers, masks, and misters. Or, you can start with our amazing line of serums and moisturizers.

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Understanding Our Natural Skin Care Ingredients: A Helpful Guide

Your Smart DIYs at home Spa Skincare Product / Routines. We recommend learning about the different ingredients and the types of ingredients in each of our products.

The natural ingredient basics

Every skin care formula will contain a variety of ingredients, many of which promote the appearance of beautiful-looking skin. Examples include hyaluronic acid, biotin, vitamin C, peptides, cucumber, green tea, and activated charcoal. 
Other ingredients are added to a product because they contribute to the overall appearance of texture, consistency, and aroma of that product. Examples include water (often used as a base), and essential oils for fragrance. 

Astringents and Exfoliants:

All of these ingredients can be further broken down into different categories based on their natural skin-supportive properties as well as how they enhance or support the look, feel, and smell of a product. 

Exfoliants help skin appear smooth and revitalized

Humectants draw in moisture to help keep skin hydrated

Skin Conditioners help to nourish skin for a softer appearance

Surfactants are used as cleansing or foaming agents

Emollients promote the appearance of softer, smoother skin

Emulsifiers help bring different liquids together homogeneously (such as oil and water)

Fragrances add a distinct scent to the formulation

pH Adjusters maintain the overall stability of the formula to ensure efficacy

Thickeners give creams their luxurious feel and form

Preservatives prevent microbial growth for longer shelf life

Colors safely alter the color of a product


Understanding Our Natural Skin Care Ingredients:



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